Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy 100th Post! The Top 10

Hard to believe we've had 100 posts since the blog was started on June 12, 2008.

In honor of the 100th post, we're doing a 'Top 10'. We went through and saw which posts had the most comments, the most views, were forwarded the most amount of times and which ones we got the most feedback on. We often get emails and/or text messages about a post rather than people commenting on the post itself so we took that into account, too.

In no particular order, here are your Top 10 Posts of All About Babies...

10 & 9: This was easy. Two of the most popular posts were the announcements of our kids' arrival. Patrick is Here and Madelyn is Here.

8: The video of Patrick rolling over to the Olympic Theme in Patrick's First Month still has more views than any other video on the site. It was the day he turned one month-old and the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics in China.

7: Apparently everyone was just as proud of Angie as I was in All About Mommy because this post was forwarded to a lot of people outside the immediate family.

6: Speaking of Angie, her post Life Gets Better as My House Gets Messier that she posted right before going back to work was wonderful.

5: Another tear-jerker for us was the post Miracle Friday about Patrick's heart defect unexpectedly disappearing. It's good for us to go back and read that one occasionally to remind ourselves just how blessed we are.

4: On a lighter note, the video in The Long Version of Patrick babbling on and on about who-knows-what is still one of our favorites.

3: When we found out we were having a girl we announced the news and put up the pictures of telling our families that we were pregnant in the post cleverly titled It's a Girl! It's seems so weird that at one time, we didn't know Madelyn was going to be Madelyn. It already seems like she's been here forever and couldn't have been anyone else. Also, the pictures in that post are still some of my favorites. Two words: Abbie's face.

2: Another one of our favorite videos is from when Patrick turned six months-old. The post amazingly titled 6 Months (how do I come up with this stuff?!) has a video of Patrick squealing and giggling on the stairs while Angie holds him.

1: This is the video that's banned in Germany. No, seriously, if you go to YouTube in Germany and try to watch this video, you won't be allowed. It's for copyright issues of the songs I used in the background but that sounds boring. So let's just keep saying 'the video banned from Germany' and leave out the legal details. Anyway, the post One Year Old has a video of Patrick's first year with us. We still enjoy watching it and it still usually makes us cry. I've already been thinking about what songs to use for Madelyn's video when she turns one. Just the thought of her turning one makes me tear up though so I try not to think about it too much. This post and video is always a reminder of just how fast the time goes and how we need to treasure these moments with our children. Every day, they're another day older and not long from now we'll be doing a 'Happy 200th Post' and sitting around wondering where the time and our babies went.

So there you have it. Your Top 10. It was a lot of fun going back and looking at the other 99 posts. There were plenty I had completely forgotten about. Pictures and stages and videos I wouldn't remember if they weren't here. Which, is the reason we post anything here in the first place. To have a sort of digital baby book where we can let out of town family and friends into our lives a little and record some of the day-to-day happenings that both we and the kids can look back on later. (As if our kids will want to read what their dorky mom and dad wrote)

And no, we didn't forget about changing the name of the site. We had planned on doing that along with this post but just haven't settled on one we really like.

We also want to thank everyone that reads this and leaves comments, emails us, texts us or just mentions it when we see them. It's a wonderful thing for us to have so many people be able to share in the joy we have in our kids.


Aunt Jill said...

Love, love, love the stories and pictures -- SO appreciate the time you take! Many thanks!

Another idea for the name "Watching Flowers Grow"

I really enjoyed last Monday with Angie, Patrick and Miss Madelyn - beautiful, beautiful family! Sorry I didn't get to see you Toby.

KBBean said...

It was so much fun to go back through all of these!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful, dear and blessed memories you have lived and captured. You do an excellent job. Can't tell you how many times I visit this site every week. Papa

Anonymous said...

What wonderful, dear and blessed memories you have lived and captured. You do an excellent job. Can't tell you how many times I visit this site every week. Papa

Anonymous said...

so fun to go back and watch the old videos...cannot believe how much Patch has grown already! Thanks for putting this together!