Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome Baby Creighton!

After 23 hours of labor my older sister, Mandie, and her husband, Tim, had a baby boy early in the morning on April 28th! Creighton Joseph Garity weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and has a reddish tint to his brown hair, just like his Daddy. The new family of three are in great spirits and enjoying the first few days of getting acquainted with one another. I’ve been told that Tim has been attentive to both baby and Mommy and Mandie reported to me today that she has yet to change a diaper. Go Tim! And a special thank you to my cousin, Rhiannon. She dropped everything when she got the call from Mandie that her water had broken and raced to Mandie’s house to be with her until Tim could get home. We love you, Reenie! Thank you for caring for Mandie as The Suskay women would have if we were there.

I can’t imagine a better Mom for little Creighton. So, I thought I’d make him a list of the top 5 reasons my big sister is going to be an amazing Mom.

5. She’s organized. I mean REALLY organized. There is a spreadsheet for pretty much everything and she always has a plan. You will thrive under her structured environment. It’s no wonder you are my sister’s child, arriving on your scheduled due date!

4. She’ll make you laugh. The crazy kind of laughing where you can’t stop. Sometimes until you pee in your pants (or maybe that’s just me…). That will come in handy when times get tough or things just are not working out the way you planned. She’ll be there, making a fool out of herself just to make you smile.

3. She’s honest. You never have to guess what she’s thinking or feeling about a person or a situation. If you are acting or looking crazy she will tell you straight up. There are few people in life like this and you will appreciate this rare quality more and more as you get older.

2. When she does something, she does it all the way. There is no half assing (is that a word?) in her world. Know that she thought about you and wanted you long before you were born. She’ll demand great things from you and you’ll be forever grateful that she did because it will push you to be your best.

1. Her love is fierce. She will go to the ends of the earth to prove it to you. (And she has no problem causing someone physical harm if they do you wrong. I say this from experience). She will always love you and never give up on you no matter what you do.

Welcome to the family, Creighton Danger! The Flowers Four can’t wait to meet you this summer at the beach!


KBBean said...

Yay Creighton! Can't wait to meet him--so glad Mandie, Tim and baby are doing great!

Mom said...

What an amzaing post Angie--You girls never cease to amaze me. Saying we are blessed is just not enought. Saying I am so proud of you all is not enough. Thanks you for your love.

TERA said...

Congrats Mandie! And well written Mrs. Angie!

Anonymous said...

WOW Ang that was SOOOOO sweet of you. I cried reading the blog. Thank you so much you have been and will continue to be a HUGE help with this new thing called parenting! Love, Mand

Anonymous said...

As my Mom always says " Our family is full of strong women". Amazing. Welcome to the world C.J.G! - xoxo -Reenie