Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2 Months!

Madelyn turned two months-old! (...okay, two weeks ago. I'm a little behind.) It's hard to believe that she's already this old. We took her to the pediatrician for her two month check and here are the stats:

11.7 lbs (exactly 5 lbs more than her birth weight)
22 inches long
Perfectly healthy and happy

She gets stronger every day and is able to hold her head up during tummy time for longer periods. She even rolled over from her tummy to her back the other night!

Madelyn is also finding her voice. It's really cute to watch her try to make sounds and she watches your mouth so intently while you talk to her. She definitely recognizes Angie, Patrick and me now and gives us big, goofy, tongue-out smiles all the time.

Here's a video of Madelyn chatting a little. At times it's hard to hear her because her big brother is banging away on the piano in the other room. Probably trying to get our attention since Angie and I are both intently focused on Madelyn. Because that's what awesome parents do: leave their almost two year-old son completely unattended near a large piano. 'Cause really, how much damage could a kid his age do? (Answer: a lot). Anyway, here's our little girl telling us a story...

The last two months with Madelyn have been wonderful. She is the easiest baby and always so sweet. She never cries unless she needs something and has been so amazing while living through our fumbles and our figuring out how to juggle both kids. She started sleeping through the night (6 hour stretches) the day she turned one month-old and has only slept longer each night since then. Most nights she does about 7-8 hours with the occasional fluke night of either 6 or 9. She still goes to bed late which has actually been nice because it means I get to come home from work and after Patrick is in bed, she and I get some good one-on-one play time. Her favorite game is to have someone make her run by moving her legs fast. Her eyes get huge and she sticks her tongue out and gets a big silly smile. We've been trying to get a video of it but she always sees the camera and starts playing it cool, as if she knows we'll show the video to her future boyfriend. (When she's 30.) And we will.


Meme said...

She is so expressive what a sweet sweet baby and so beautiful! Just love playing this video over and over. We are so blessed! Love you all-meme

KBBean said...

She is awesome. What a beautiful voice! Love her sassy shirt too. And I think Patrick might seriously have some piano talent there!

Anonymous said...

Love the video! She is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to meet her this summer. Love, Mandie