Monday, September 14, 2009

The Long Version

A few weeks ago Patrick woke up from his nap and when we brought him downstairs to drink some milk and have a snack, he had quite the story to tell us. Luckily, Ang was able to sneak away and grab the video camera to get some of it on video.

I've edited the video down and taken out a few of the parts where he is just pacing back and forth. Our favorite parts: that he has to put his milk down and let his hand motions catch up so he can tell the story; almost every phrase ends with the word "this"; he only stops briefly in the middle when he realizes he's been standing on the letter 'S'; that he's walking non-stop almost the whole time; that he's not wearing pants for some reason.

So now you know.

In other fun news, Ang had another OB appointment last week and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. Everything looks and sounds good so far and, as the calendar on the right says, we're 16 weeks along now. We'll find out boy or girl at our next appointment in early October. Our goal is to have the room that will eventually be the nursery empty by then so once we find out the gender, we can start planning what the nursery will end up looking like.

As for the rest of life, Patrick is still getting used to school and we're still getting used to him being there. He still cries most days when I drop him off but the teachers tell us that he calms down after I leave and has fun. Patrick has also learned a few more letters of the alphabet (he knows about half of them now) and is recognizing them on signs and buildings when we go places. In fact, today he seemed to recognize his first whole word. We have a burp cloth with his name on it in his room and this morning he started doing his usual thing where he points to the 'P' and says the sound and then goes onto the other letters and so on. Once he was done naming all of them I told him that it says "Patrick" and he repeated it: "Pat-pat" (that's what he calls himself). Then we went downstairs a little later and he noticed his name on the sippy cup he takes to school, pointed at it and said "Pat-pat" excitedly. So, like any father trying to be aware of his own over-eagerness, I tested him with several other things that had his name on it and he correctly identified it on all of them! We were pretty proud :)

We're headed to the zoo this weekend and will have a bunch of pictures next week, hopefully. Until then...


Anonymous said...

I especially love the karate moves.
Maybe it's just watching you, Toby, but I think he's debating (or arguing)


Anonymous said...

This is precious! Thanks for sharing :)

TERA said...

Way to go Patrick!

Katie said...

That is AWESOME. Thankfully, he didn't have to start over completely whenever you asked a question...unlike Toby as a kid. Definitely can't wait to see zoo pictures!