Thursday, September 3, 2009

All About Babies

I think most people who come to this site know already, but we wanted to make an official announcement here:


That's right - baby number two is in the oven. Cooking. At 450 degrees farahenheit for 35-40 weeks. Or until a golden brown color is achieved...or not. Probably not.

Seriously though, we're absolutely thrilled to be expecting another baby. We always knew we wanted more than one child and although the timeline isn't exactly how we planned it in our heads, it's very cool to think that our famly will be growing by another person again. Plans are for suckers anyway.

We're also really excited to see Patrick as a big brother. It's so funny to see him do his normal goofy things and think of him as being the example to his younger brother or sister.

We bought Patrick a little baby doll and gave it to him yesterday. It was very cute because he picked it up and hugged it right away and kept saying "baby! baby!" Then he gave her a little plastic bottle and rocked her. Then he threw her on the floor and chased after the dog; but we'll work on that.

Here are all the details we know about the new baby so far:
  • Due date is February 26th
  • All doctor appointments show that baby is healthy
  • We'll find out the gender in mid-October
  • This baby has been far kinder to Angie in terms of nausea than Patrick was
Ang has been feeling pretty good with this pregnancy. She's just out of the first trimester now and the tiredness and nausea only really hit her a couple weeks ago. But, overall, she's felt pretty good. And, of course, she's handling the whole three-months-pregnant-and-chasing-a-14-month-old around exactly like you would expect her to: perfectly, gracefully and beautifully.

In honor of the new baby, we've added a countdown to the side of the page that says how far along the pregnancy is and a few other details. Right now the background is green but we'll change it to blue or pink once we know what baby will be.

We'll update the site later with some pictures from when we told the news to our families. There's some really funny shots (apologies in advance to Aunt Abbie, who will probably never speak to me again).

We hope everybody has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!


Katie said...

Woo-Hoo! Baby Bean will have another cousin! We're so happy for you guys! Love that baby already :)

TERA said...

I am so so so so happy for you guys! You will love being a mommy and daddy x2!

Anna said...

Yay for more babies!! Congratulations again guys! Love you!! :D