Sunday, March 28, 2010


Patrick likes to impress his Daddy more than anyone, especially when it comes to dinosaurs. In the video below you can see the look on his face when he realizes Toby is quizzing him on their names. His eyes light up and he focuses on the task at hand, enjoying the challenge. I can promise you that doesn't happen when I ask him about dinosaurs (probably because he knows more of them than I do). I'd like to add that if you ever would like to rile Toby up, nonchalantly mutter something like "did dinosaurs even exist?" or "dinosaurs weren't THAT cool."*

At the end of the video Madelyn starts crying and Patrick runs to her shouting "Oh Maddy, Oh Maddy." That's a new thing, which is pretty cute,too. It happens pretty much every time she cries or sounds upset. I should also point out that in the beginning of the video Toby is asking Patrick about Thomas the Train. The lyrics of the song are "Thomas! He's the cheeky one" and so anytime we say "Thomas!" Patrick responds with "cheeky one."

*Be prepared to get the dinosaur lecture of a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

so smart...thanks for sharing the video. We love it! Aunt Mandie and Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...this is adorable!

TERA said...

Just brilliant! Toby stop pressuring him about dinosaurs...LOL!

Aunt Anna said...

He is so incredibly smart! And such a precious big brother! Love you guys!!