Friday, March 19, 2010

On The Go

Gone are the days when I was able to spend time capturing Patrick's every move with the "real" camera. This happened for two reasons: 1) He moves faster! Patrick is off exploring the wonders of the world (or most days, our backyard) and goes from one thing to another with lightening speed, and 2) My arms are a little more full of baby than they used to be and anything that requires two hands is usually out of the question. And so it is that my camera phone has gotten a lot of use since Madelyn was born.

It's so much fun to watch Patrick explore and use his ever-growing imagination. I am pretty certain we, as parents, are supposed to teach him all the correct names for things but sometimes it's fun to see what Patrick comes up with himself. Toby has an umbrella that looks like a ninja sword (if you knew his friend, Tony, that gave it to him, you would not be surprised). One day I pulled it out of the closet and asked Patrick what is was. He thought for a moment and asked to hold it, then said "firehouse. spray it. water" and proceeded to pretend spray the stairs and carpet and everything else he could find, stopping only to find his firetruck (from Aunt Mandie and Uncle Tim) and his fire hat (from Betsy's Travis) to really get into character.

Another funny moment was when we walked through the garage and Patch spotted a watering can. He looked at Toby and I and asked "is it? is it?". Toby said something like "What do you think that is buddy" and Patrick looked at it carefully then said "bucket hose." We eventually corrected him but it was very cute watching his little mind work hard at coming up with a suitable name for the object in his hand. Nine times out of ten his imaginative play tends to be about cooking. While playing in the snow he and Toby made snow balls and Patrick would say "Egg. Crack it" then he would "mix" it and say that he was going to cook it in the oven.

Here are a couple pictures from my phone taken this last month. They are not the best quality but they do capture some of the best moments of our day. My favorite is the last one of Patrick because it shows his personality perfectly. He is wearing his Batman T-shirt, "fish pants" (a swimsuit that Mandie and Tim sent him that day and he HAD to put it on immediately) and his rain boots as he blows through the house on his fire engine, while drinking milk. You can see the toys he's torn through behind him. That is Patrick...always on the go.

New Suspenders and Hat

First kiss from Miss Jordan Barker. She means business.

"Bucket hose"

Trying to do everything at once.

And Miss Madelyn...Our precious baby girl has learned quickly to roll with the punches (figuratively and literally). She is such a love but knows when to speak up LOUDLY to get some attention. Patrick heard me call her Sassy Pants one day and referred to her as that the rest of the afternoon. "Look Sassy Pants. Car. Man driving". It was very cute. We've discovered that Madelyn is very modest, quite the lady, as Toby is happy to report. She does not approve of being undressed whatsoever and wants her outfits completely zipped up and comfy at all times. Diaper change? Please! It's not decent to expose my legs unless I am at the spa getting a bubble bath and massage ;)

Our Angel

"Woe is me"

Refreshed after her bath and massage

Somebody's getting chubby cheeks!


John said...

That is SO my wife's daughter.

Anonymous said...

"fishpants"----love it. Thanks for capturing these moments and sharing them with us. What a beauty Miss Madelyn! Love Meme

TERA said...

Beautiful moments!