Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Month Old

We had Madelyn's one-month doctor's visit this last Friday. We took her on a day when Patrick was at school so we got to visit with the doctor a little more and have some good one-on-one time with Madelyn. She's gained about 3 lbs in the last two weeks! She now weighs 9 lbs 2 oz and is 21 inches long. She's right at the fortieth percentile for height, weight and head size. The pediatrician said everything looks and sounds good on her and she's a perfectly healthy and happy baby. We knew the happy part, but it's nice to get professional confirmation on the healthy part.

Madelyn continues to be more active during the day and has been sleeping much better this last week. She's done at least a five hour stretch every night and one night gave us six hours and another a full seven in a row! Hopefully she'll keep up the good work and the time change tonight won't throw everything off. She and Patrick are still doing great together. Now that she's more aware and awake when he's around he's started trying to show her everything he finds. All day long we hear "Look Madelyn! Pictures!...Look Madelyn! Flowers!...Look Madelyn! Silly Roxy!" It will instantly right a bad mood and fix anything that's gone wrong that day.

We left our camera at Grandma and Grandpa's house last weekend while celebrating Uncle Jonathan's birthday so I don't have any pictures with this post. But, I made up for it by including a video.

The first part of the video is Patrick showing Madelyn an Easter Egg he found and then hugging/mauling her. He had also just woken up and found a gift he received, from our good friends the Mayers, that was a baby yoga book. So, you'll hear him talk about doing yoga at the end - which is funny to me. The second part of the video is just Madelyn laying on the floor getting ready for bed.

Also, we're going to rename the site from All About Babies to...something else. However, I haven't felt especially creative lately in trying to think of a new name. So if you have any suggestions, put them in the comments below. If we pick the name you suggested, we'll give you a free unicorn*. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

*When supplies become available. And, no we won't.


KBBean said...

I love seeing the two of them together! And Madelyn is growing up so fast!

TERA said...

Too cute! And Toby send my unicorn to P.O. Box 1999, Pixieland, USA.

Toby said...

@Katie - she is! We need to get together again soon so she and Carson can hang out and gossip about boys...or whatever it is girls do at this age.

@Tera - You only get a unicorn if we choose your suggested name. You didn't even make a suggestion! I'm very disappointed. Unless your suggestion was 'Too Cute', in which case we could change it to "Two Cute" (see what I did there) and then maybe use it. Sadly, P.O. boxes can't fit unicorns though, so, you're out of luck again.

Aunt Jill said...

Best I can do right now...
All About Flowers
The Blooming Flowers

Amy Jacobs said...

Growing Flowers?

Love the video/ "Look Mad-a-win, Egg!" Such precious children.

Pam said...

Oh so wonderful! What a good big brother. And to see Madelyn awake!!! What a beauty she is--so so precious. Love, Meme