Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Little Chubaroo is 3 Months Old!

Happy 3 Months Patrick!!

In honor of the occasion, we're celebrating by taking him to Miami for the weekend...ok, not really.

We depart for Miami tomorrow but not for Patrick. My friend Veronica is getting married to a great guy, Chris, this weekend! She is a wonderful person and deserves all the happiness in the world. Veronica always finds a way to get back to Atlanta for all of our showers and weddings so I am glad we can make the trip to watch her walk down the aisle. It will be Patrick's first time on an airplane! Meme is coming with us so she can watch Patrick while we are at the wedding (thanks so much Mom!). We are looking forward to our first family adventure out of Georgia.

Speaking of Georgia (UGA that is), I believe they are playing Tennessee this weekend. GO DAWGS!!! (sorry Toby, I couldn't resist) Thanks Uncle Brandon and Aunt Katie for the cute hat!


TERA said...

Have a wonderful trip to the beautiful city of Miami. And mommy when the plan takes off put your boobie or his pacifier in his mouth. The sucking reflex will keep his ears from popping and hurting. Same thing on the descent (unless of course he is already asleep). By the way GO GATORS! Beat those DAWGS!

Anonymous said...

Love the Georgia hat! He is just so adorable!