Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

On the morning of my birthday I went into the nursery to get Patrick out of his crib. Through the darkness I saw a light shining on the rocking chair. I squinted and adjusted my glasses as I moved closer. It was a digital picture frame with a picture of Patrick holding a "Happy Birthday Mommy" sign (the same picture in the post Toby put up on my birthday). ADORABLE! Then lying on top of Patrick was a card that said "Mommy." Wow, Patrick worked hard to impress his mother on her birthday! (Brownie points for Toby, or "cookie points," as Hadi calls them).

We spent the day relaxing at my parents' house. Abbie, Mollie and Matt came home from school to spend the day with us. Mollie is taking a glass blowing class at GSW and gave me one of the pieces she made. What talent! Abs made me cupcakes from SCRATCH that were very yummy along with a fruit torte that was out of this world!
My Mom made my favorite breakfast ever: creme brulee french toast. She always dismisses my praise, saying "it's nothing," but I know how hard she works to make our birthdays special. Papa Joe got some Patrick time since Meme had him for the Miami trip. Papa Joe's looking forward to spending a few days together with Patrick in the next couple months when I go back to work. What a life-saver!

It was a wonderful day. I could not have asked for anything more. Thanks everyone!

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