Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cutest Couple

Toby has always loved kids. That quality is what first drew me to him way back when (2001) on our mission trip to Akil, Mexico. Every time I would look, there he was making the children laugh. I remember talking to him one day on the trip about the future and what we wanted our lives to become as we grew older (not yet knowing that it would be together), and I'll never forget him saying he wanted to be a good husband and father and everything else was just a vehicle to make that possible. We were married four years before having kids, waiting until the right time. Thank goodness our friends had children so we could enjoy them and get our baby fix! Toby would visit the Barkers' kids every week and each time he would come home with twenty-some pictures of Andrew and Jordan. He could not wait to update me on their latest milestones and what they said and did. And now that he has his own munchkin I don't think he could be happier (except maybe to have four more).
It's the sweetest thing to watch Patrick and Toby together. Patrick loves to watch his Daddy and Toby will do anything (and I mean anything) to make Patrick smile. Patrick even has a unique squeal when Toby is around which, to Toby's delight, sounds a bit like a veliceraptor. They already have such a strong and special bond, I can't wait to watch their relationship grow over the years to come. Toby has always been a wonderful husband and now he is the best father to our little boy. Patrick and I are so blessed. We love you chatty!

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Ohhhh that was so sweet!