Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Project a Day - {Shaving Cream and Food Coloring}

One of the easiest activities that the kids continually enjoy is adding food coloring to shaving cream and "painting" in the bath tub. It's great for a rainy day and way easy to clean up. The other day this ended with Patrick getting out his pretend shaving kit to practice shaving. Madelyn had to try it out too, of course ;-)

And that concludes our week of projects. Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did! Stay tuned for a cousins' post. We are on the tale end of a fun filled weekend with Carson and Creighton with many pictures to share. Your turn Toby!

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Aunt Mollie said...

How could you NOT have fun with all of these projects!!!! Life is so simple and fun when you look at all these blogs and know that you don't have to do much and still learn and experiment things of life around us! SO cool and exciting. Love you all very much and love all the fun activitiies you have done!