Monday, March 12, 2012

Dance Break!

When things get tense with the littles - sharing issues, a grumpy little munchkin (or two), or just having excess energy to burn off on a cold rainy day - we have a solution. Dance. 97% of the time it works all the time. Just throw on a little latin groove and the kids go crazy banging on the djembe or jumping around in their superhero capes. Every night after dinner we have a family dance party. It sounds cheesy; and it is, but it's waaay fun, especially when the dress up bin is utilized. It's fascinating what a little music can do for the soul!

Here are some videos of the kids doing what they do best- having fun dancing their little hearts out.

This is a very short clip taken way back in December. It's one of the first times the kids tried to dance together and the first time Patrick ever tried to twirl his sister (still not sure where he learned that move). I especially love the fact that Patrick is in his underwear (not unusual. I think he spent from Nov-Jan in just his underwear. Why? We'll never know). And check out Maddy's James Brown moves near the end.

One rainy November day I pulled out our copy of Mary Poppins and let the kids watch Step in Time and Supercalifragalistic. They seriously went nuts over the songs and within days Patrick had the dance moves perfected from Step in Time. For weeks he'd ask to wear a hat and hold our little toy broom so he looked like Burt and would say, "Good luck, Guvnah" and tip his hat. This one's long, but worth it :)

This one took place while Abbie and Matt were babysitting. Abbie said they were all in the playroom playing with cars when she noticed that Madelyn had disappeared. She had retreated to the family room for a little slow dancing with Diego. I love the way she holds his hand while dancing.

Madelyn got a Wii dance game for her birthday. Patrick, Madelyn and Creighton had fun trying it out one afternoon. Patrick has got some sweet dance moves!

I received this video as a text message from Toby one morning while I was at work. I was about to go in a patient's room on the BMT unit. I won't go into details but serious things were about to take place when I got this very un-serious text message. It made me giggle. I was so thankful in that moment to be reminded of what I got to go home to after the day was over. I love that Maddy is holding her bunny's hand as she dances with her and that when the music changes to "the soldier song" they both salute and start marching.

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Aunt Mollie said...

They are defently part of our family with all the dancing! Such a joy to watch the enjoy life!!! Love you all!