Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Project a Day - {Outdoor Mud Kitchen}

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned mud kitchen? Madelyn and Patrick had a blast getting wet and dirty. I found it so amusing to watch their imaginations go wild as they got creative with the resources around them. They cooked with mud, black beans, acorns, grass and weeds to make mud pies topped with acorns, mud bean and weed soup, and mud and black bean casserole.

The kids came up with a restaurant scenario where they were chefs cooking and serving food to customers. And another where they were the Mommy and Daddy making dinner for their dinosaur babies (quite interesting).

I love the mud kitchen not only because it's tons of fun for the kiddos but it's also easy to clean up. Hose the kids and the driveway down and we're good to go!

*Special thanks to Meme and Papa for the outdoor kitchenware and to Papa for fashioning a table out of an old piece of wood, a plastic garbage can and a bunch of gorilla glue!

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