Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Project a Day - {Nurse Nancy}

My daughter is in love with the Golden Book, Nurse Nancy. She reads it to herself, to her dolls and to anyone else that will listen. She clutches the book in her chubby little hands and says, "I'm gonna read it this, Mommy," and "Excuse me, Daddy? Read it-ta-me, Nurse Nancy?" And, yes, we stop what we are doing and read it almost every single time. How could we not grant her sweet little request? Nurse Nancy has been re-bound with packing tape a few times. There are rips on several pages and food and water stains throughout. This book is not so gently used but loved so very much.

One day we decided to bring Nurse Nancy to life. As Madelyn and I started arranging her dolls and play medical kit on the ground Patrick walked in and asked, "Are you making a fine doll hospital?" Apparently he's read the book a few times as well...

We examined each doll; took their temperatures, blood pressures and gave them each shots (in very interesting places I might add, such as ears and eyes). They made me laugh with the names they made up for themselves. Patrick was Dr. Appointment and Madelyn was Dr. Self or Nurse Maddy at other times. Madelyn rocked each baby whispering softly, "It's OK, baby. All better." Patrick was very methodical: examine the baby, bandage the baby, give the baby a shot and put her on the sofa. I loved watching their personalities shine through as they played. And I especially loved that Patrick was happy to let Maddy take the lead in this activity and join her in taking care of the dolls.

Poor Lupita, heaven only knows what happened to her mouth.

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Meme said...

Oh what fun--Meme loved her Nurse Nancy book when she was a little girls too! It was so magical that it came with real bandaids. So great to see the book come alive for Patrick and Madelyn.