Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kids Say the Sweetest/Funniest/Most Heart-Wrenching/Creative Things

We have a Christmas post coming, I promise. We just have to go through pictures and all that good stuff. But, I thought I'd do this post because it basically writes itself and there were getting to be too many to remember. This is a post of notable things Patrick has said recently. He's always been chatty but lately he's been saying more and more things that are completely unprompted or more mature than we're used to him being and it's catching us off guard. These are some of the quotes from the last couple weeks:

  • While staring at the Christmas tree we just brought in the house: "When we go to God's house we should say thank you for this beautiful tree."
  • While getting ready to go upstairs for bath, stories and bed: Hugs the tree (as best he can) and says, "Good night tree. Your branches are so lovely. I'll see you in the morning."
  • After a very busy and present-filled Christmas day, I laid Patrick down in his bed and said "Merry Christmas sweet boy", to which he whispered back, "Merry Christmas Dad. Now go to sleep so Santa can come again." I then told Angie and we prepared ourselves for a very disappointed little boy in the morning.
  • First time he picked up his new guitar at home he yelled "Let's rock this room!" Let it be known that we have never said "Let's rock this room" in front of him (or possibly at all, but I can't commit to that level of certainty). He'll also sometimes say "I'm ready to rumble" lately and we don't know where that came from either.

  • Debilitating conversation while getting Patrick dressed today:
    Patrick: Dad, who gave me my train set?
    Me: Grandma and Grandpa did buddy.
    Patrick: Who gave me this house?
    Me: Um, Mommy and Daddy.
    Patrick: Who gave me you, Dad?
    Me: Well...ummm...(stammering for an easy answer)
    Patrick: Maybe God.
    Me: That's exactly right. God did.
    Patrick: Yea, He brought you to me.
    Me: That's right, Patrick. He brought me to you and you to me.
    Patrick: I'm glad He did. I love you.
    Me: ...
  • Disclaimer: This one is probably only funny if you were there, seeing his furrowed brow and his head shake slowly back and forth; but I was there and I want to remember being there, so I'm putting it here.The other night Angie and I had some banana pudding for dessert while Patrick had some Jell-O. He wanted to try the pudding though so we tossed a spoonful on top of his Jell-O. After a few minutes, I looked over at him and noticed he was just staring at it and then he mumbled to himself, "I'm not sure about this. This...pudding in my Jell-O cup...*long pause*...I don't know about this."
  • This last one really isn't a quote but just makes me happy. After lunch today, while cleaning up the dishes and hosing Maddy off, I kept hearing Patrick in the other room say things like "And that bump made us jump!" He would come into the kitchen every once in a while and say "Why are you sitting there like that?!" then walk out. After I had cleaned up, I walked to the front hall to see what he was doing and found him like this...

    Now that I was close enough to hear him, I realized he was reciting and reenacting the entire The Cat in the Hat book. He had dragged his chair from the other room to set it up by the front door just like Sally and Dick in the book and was staring out the window saying "Sun did not shine...too wet to play...we sat in the house the cold cold wet day."


Meme said...

This is truly a favorite post--capturing these moments---how wonderful! Can't wait for Papa and I to be Thing 1 & Thing 2 while playing with Patrick!

Aunt Anna said...

This is so cute! You guys truly have an extraordinary child :)

Jaime said...

Awww! I can't wait for moments like that with my boy. Thanks for posting! :)

Aunt Mollie said...

It's amazing how god puts children in our lives to show his true love for all of us! Patrick has shown me so many wonderful things about life in the time that I get to spend time with him. He is a blessing to me and I know he is to many others!!

Patrick is truly AMAZINGLY SMART!

KBBean said...

I just love him