Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cabin Christmas

This last weekend we headed up to the cabin to celebrate Christmas with the Suskays. As always, we had a blast. I don't think I ever stopped eating. I tell myself that I was just making up for not eating at Thanksgiving, but really, I would have eaten just as much even if I stuffed myself last month.

Watching Patrick and Madelyn was super fun this trip. It's the first time at the cabin that Madelyn's been old enough and mobile enough to really move around and enjoy it. Now that she's starting to walk a little (video to come, I promise) she felt even more independent. Everywhere she went she seemed happy to be there and ready to smile at or cuddle with the closest person. She loved looking at the tree, touching all the ornaments, watching the fire, rocking in the chairs, bundling up to go outside, chasing Beau and, of course, playing with her new toys.

Patrick had a great time as well. He was so excited the whole weekend about every detail of Christmas that was happening. It took him five minutes to even start opening his first present because he was so excited and couldn't stop bouncing around. You'll notice in the picture gallery that there are a few pictures where his feet aren't even on the ground because he's jumping up and down. Ang and I are really having so much fun watching Patrick experience Christmas this year. He loves every bit of it and we can't help but love the season that much more because of it.

Rather than bore you with typing every second of the weekend, I'll let the pictures do the talking...because, I think we may have taken a picture of pretty much every second of the weekend. You can check out the slideshow below or go view the whole gallery here.


Aunt Mollie said...

I had so much fun with al of you. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your beautiful children with us!!! Love you all so much!

Meme said...

This time went way too fast! It was wonderful to see Patrick and Maddy enjoy Christmas, the cabin and woods!We love you all!