Friday, November 14, 2008

4 Months Old!

Patrick turned 4 months old last Saturday! We took him in for his checkup this afternoon and he did GREAT.

He now weighs 16lbs and is just over 25in long. So he's still around the 60th-70th percentile for height and weight...and 20th for head size - which most likely means that, like his Dad, he'll probably never look normal in hats or sun glasses. He also got his 4 follow-up shots, all in his legs. Maybe all babies do this but he didn't make a sound until the fourth shot went in. Even then he only screamed a couple times then started sucking on his pacifier and just complaining a little. Within a minute, he was back to normal. Angie and I were very impressed he handled it so well. 

We took Patrick to get a few pictures taken professionally last month and picked them up on the way home from the pediatrician. Here are our favorites:

Outfit provided by Grandma and Grandpa Flowers :)

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TERA said...

OMG! Now you know I loved the one with the hat. He is looking very groovy people!