Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goofy Gus and Pretty Kitty

A couple weeks ago we went to Berry Patch Farms with Brandon, Katie and Carson. It was a beautiful fall day and we had fun watching the kids meander through the pumpkin patch. We got a kick out of Carson toddling around, enjoying her new found independence. She's walking like a champ these days!

Patrick liked trying to walk through the pumpkins rather than around them. He also tried to pick most of them up. I think that's why he loved the field with the mini pumpkins so much - he could pick up everything! Madelyn loved the little pumpkins too since she could hold them and hit them together and throw them. As soon as Patrick noticed, he wanted to bring her every one of them he saw and ended up burying her in them.

"Look Daddy!"
"You like this one too, Madelyn?"

Patrick and Madelyn had fun helping Daddy clean all the "gook" out of the pumpkins and carve them this year, which really means that Patrick helped Daddy some of the time with random dance breaks and sprinting up and down the driveway yelling, "Roxy, stay in OUR yard!" (Apparently that is a phrase he's heard once or twice before...). He also thoroughly enjoyed being the big brother and explaining every step of the pumpkin carving process to Madelyn. Maddy had fun playing with the "gook" and even sampled a taste or two. By her expression I highly doubt she'll try it again. She had a great time pulling up on the pumpkins and dancing; and loved when we put the candles in them at the end.

He had to wear his firemen boots

Here's a slideshow of the pumpkin festivities or you can see the gallery here:


KBBean said...

Such fun times! Looks like we won the "slowest to post" award! I love watching the kids together, especially now that they're getting older. And seriously, I can't get enough of Maddy's laying-sideways-relaxing pose!

Meme said...

Loved seeing the "cousins" enjoying their adventure!!! All our little pumpkins in the punpkin patch. Love Meme

Amanda said...

looks like fun times. I love seeing all the pictures. thanks for another great post. miss you all!

Wendy said...

The kids are wearing such cute t-shirts!!! :) Wendy