Friday, October 8, 2010

8 Months Old!

Madelyn turned eight months old yesterday! Here are a few of the things she started doing over the last month:
  • Consistently sleeping through the night!! (Only a couple nights of letting her cry for a few minutes before she figured it out. Why didn’t we do that months ago?)
  • Transferring from object to object while standing
  • Saying new sounds: In addition to her dadas and babas she’s added F, P and S sounds.
  • Using her new sounds to babble
  • Waving hello and goodbye
  • She climbed a couple stairs one time. She could probably do it again but we don’t want her to know that so we’ve not let her try :)
  • Taking a bottle…JUST KIDDING…we’ve pretty much given up on that
  • Dancing to every sound that could even slightly resemble a song (i.e.: the bubbling sound when I made my coffee this morning)
  • Pointing at things – usually on your face. She loves to point at mouths when a person is talking
  • Getting teeth like it’s her job. In the last month she’s gotten five: three on top, two on bottom.
And here are a few of our favorite pictures of Maddy from the last month:

Over the last few days Madelyn seems like she’s gotten older. Some of it is that her fifth tooth finally broke through so the month-long crankyness has come to an end. But, she’s started verbalizing more lately and seems to have a new understanding of language and interaction. She still idolizes her big brother and thinks every move he makes is worth watching and every sound he makes is worth a giggle. Last night at dinner she had an apple slice in her hand and would hold it out for Patrick to eat. Patrick thought it was hilarious that Madelyn was feeding him (“Madelyn, you’re feeding me? That’s silly!”) and every time Patrick took a bite out of the apple it would send Maddy into a fit of laughter.

We’re so excited for this time of year and all the firsts Madelyn gets to experience. Her first Halloween is right around the corner and then we get to have her first Thanksgiving and Christmas and so many more firsts. Before we know it, she’ll be one year old and our baby won’t be a baby any more. Every day we try to remind ourselves to focus on the time we have now because she’ll never be seven months old again or eight months old again. I can tell you though that there is nothing that slows my day down and makes me live in the moment as much as a smile or hug from Madelyn. Happy eight months my sweet girl!


Aunt Mollie said...

WOW! Our little Maddy is growing up so fast and so beautifully! I don't believe that I could love her anymore than I already do. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful children with everyone and being such great parents! Maddy is AMAZING!!

Meme said...

Such precious pictures of our sweet Maddy! And these words just resonates in my heart as this time is going too fast!. Love you cherished little one. Love Meme

KBBean said...

She is so beautiful! Love those cheeks and can't believe how fast she's changing!