Thursday, June 17, 2010

Play Time With Maddy

Madelyn started rolling over from back-to-tummy when she was three months old; but I've only now gotten a decent video of it. It wasn't for a lack of trying though (or lack of rolling, for that matter). She was just really quick and every time I'd hit record she was half way through the roll already. Well, now that she's mastered the roll, she sees no need to hurry. In fact, in this video, she takes her sweet time getting her rolly little self onto her belly.

A few things that are funny about this video to me:

1. When she first goes to roll over, she get's about 90% through the roll and then spots the TV I left on over my shoulder, gets distracted and is then stuck mid-roll. She keeps trying to get all the way up but can't quite make it so instead decides to just smile and chat away. Ever since this instance, she now just enjoys hanging out on her side a lot of the time.

2. When she does get on her tummy, I think it's cute that her diaper's kinda too big and you can see her little bumper.

3. She's really happy. When she's awake, this is how she is 95% of the day. 2% she's yelling to let us know she's hungry or tired, 2% she's just chillin' out and 1% she kinda loses it - but that usually only happens when there's lots of people or she's in a different place than she's used to.

Anyway, here's the video. It's a few minutes long but I just couldn't decide which cute parts of her smiling to cut I didn't.

We hope everyone had a great week. We have some pictures from a great wedding we went to this last weekend and the beautiful cabin we stayed in that we'll be posting soon. We're also going to take the kids on their first train ride in North Georgia this weekend to celebrate Fathers Day with the Suskays. We'll post some pictures of that next week hopefully.


Meme said...

oh how precious--such a happy happy girl! Papa & Meme loved watching this together and hearing her sweet voice! She is such a gift!

TERA said...

That was seriously the cutest video ever!

Paula said...

She is so darn cute! I found myself "cheering" for her to rrrooollll....that's it...rrrroooollll !