Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to Work, Back to School

It was not the easiest decision to return to work after Madelyn was born. I took 4 months off (thanks to my great boss at Northside) and enjoyed every moment, clumsily figuring out how to be a mommy of two kids under the age of two. I went back and forth on my decision to return to work (part time) for months; weighing the pros and cons of each possibility. I didn't think there was a wrong choice; just an important one that would impact my family. Luckily I have a great friend that tells me like it is and after some pretty strong words of truth I knew what I needed to do for my family. And we've found a good balance. Patrick gets the benefit of being exposed to different children, teachers, environments and new challenges when he goes to school on Mondays and Tuesdays and the rest of the time the kids are home with me. By Wednesday morning I am totally pumped to have the rest of the week to spend with them and do all the crafts, activities and running around that I daydream about when I am at work. And cover them both in kisses, of course.
Mollie, my youngest sister, is home from school this summer and it has been so much fun hanging out with her and the kids. She has a natural ability to connect with them on their level, which is fun to watch . We've gone to the pool, several parks, trekked to the stables, went to the mall to ride the train and spent countless days playing outside and rocking on the front porch swing. Mollie stayed with Madelyn for the first month I went back to work and it was so comforting to know she was in good hands. Madelyn adores her and they had fun together...well, after the whole bottle debacle. Which brings me to our little challenge of the last 2 months. Madelyn's adamant refusal to take a bottle. Yes, it's breast milk. Yes, we tried different nipples and bottles and people and even a cup. I've sought the help of lactation consultants, pediatricians, other mommies and grandparents. The fact remains: Madelyn Claire "Sassy Pants" Flowers is a stubborn little cookie! Part of me is proud of her for sticking to her guns, the other part of me, however, is exhausted from worry. It took just under 2 months of us trying about everything and in the end it was Mollie who, with patience like a saint (she is Madelyn's godmother, after all ;) ), worked with Maddy day after day and finally got her to take a bottle! You can't hold her, or really touch her, while giving it to her, and she prefers to stand while she is drinking it (and likes for you to be dancing a cha cha on one leg with a rose between your teeth), but she now drinks the bottle easily for Mollie and most of the time for Toby. So thank you, Mols, you are the BEST! Good luck in summer school and come home soon. We love you and can't thank you enough for taking care of our Maddy so lovingly.

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TERA said...

You are doing an excellent job Ang! Keep up the good work.