Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zoo Trip

Last weekend we went to the zoo with our good friends, the Barkers, and their two kids, Andrew and Jordan. Luckily the weather held up this time and it was a beautiful day. All the kids had a great time and we had a really fun time watching them enjoy it.

Patrick's favorite part was the petting zoo where they had goats, pigs and sheep for the kids to watch, touch and generally follow around. Patrick has learned by teasing Roxy that one way to get an animal to move is to go up behind it and hit its tail. He tried this MANY times in the petting zoo as you'll see in the pictures.

He was pretty excited everywhere we went in the zoo because he's seen all of these animals in the books we read and thought it was great to see them in real life. As you can tell from the pictures, his pointing finger got a good workout as he tried to show us everything he saw. Here's a slideshow of some of the pictures we took:

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TERA said...

Loved it! He really did give that finger a work out!