Monday, October 19, 2009

This Looks Promising

Yesterday was Aunt Anna's twentieth birthday (crazy). We had planned to have a combo birthday party for Angie and Anna at Grandpa and Grandma Flowers' house yesterday afternoon. Sadly, Ang was feeling terrible yesterday and had to stay home so she could rest. But, Patrick and I still went to the party and returned with a very welcomed cake and some of Grandma Flowers' awesome lasagna.

Before the party, Aunt Katie had requested that we bring the sonogram video over so the whole family could watch it. Not wanting to disappoint (and happy to use any excuse to watch the video of my baby girl) I brought the video. While we were watching the video, we told Patrick that it was his baby sister on the TV. Patrick went to the TV, put his little hand on it and said "baby", and then tried to hug the baby and give her a kiss. Once he knew it was the baby on the TV, he had to touch it every time he walked by it. Luckily, Uncle Jonathan snapped a picture of it one of the times.

So far, he and baby girl are off to a good start.

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TERA said...

Way to go Patrick! You guys are going to be best friends.