Friday, May 11, 2012

Super Fun Run

Patrick and Madelyn participated in their first road race last Saturday called the SuperHero Run (proceeds went to CASA for children). As you can see they were pretty darn excited to wear their super hero gear...

They both got their faces painted, jumped on a bouncy house, munched on complimentary yummy fruit and played with cool light-up bouncy balls that one of the sponsors was giving away.

Come race time, they were ready for some serious running...or at least Patrick was (he's been talking about racing ever since he figured out he has racecars in his bones). Madelyn, however, ran about 4 minutes and then decided Daddy's arms were way more comfortable than pounding the pavement.
Super Hero Streches. Note: Toby cannot touch his toes.
On your mark. Get Set. GO!

I don't think the above pictures do justice to just how happy they were to cross the finish line. All the kids got medals as they finished the race and both Patrick and Madelyn were so proud to wear theirs ALL day long. They pretty much raced everywhere we went that day. Here they are racing to the car when we were leaving (notice Madelyn and her collection of water bottles from the race vendors).

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