Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Akil, Mexico. 2001.
It all began in Mexico on a mission trip to Akil when we became friends and had no clue that our journey through this life would intertwine and become one. Before marriage, before children, before even knowing we would ever be more than we were at that moment; two kids on a trip to strengthen our faith and find our way.

It’s all so vivid in my mind - journaling with Abbie on the cement slab outside of the church as the roosters were crowing, the sun rising and most of the group still sleeping in hammocks outside. It was day three and I had already fallen in love with your family, or 4/7 of it anyway. I remember all the talks we had, sweaty and unshowered, sitting on the stone wall overlooking the small village where we stayed. It was so primitive and yet so rich in faith, in love and community. And we vowed then to strive for simplicity in our own lives. Let everything be as uncomplicated as our days there: morning prayer, build a church, set off a few bombs, siesta and soccer in the afternoon, then end the day with praise and worship. We decided we would only want for what money we needed to get by, vowed to strive not to cling to possessions or popular opinion, never to cease in prayer and always keep family above all else. And here we are, 10 years later, 7 years married, with a family of our own and two amazing children that fill our days with laughter and discovery. I am so very happy we met. And even happier we married.

And here’s where I was supposed to introduce a wedding highlight video that I wanted to surprise Toby with on our anniversary. But after months of trying in vain to figure out how to put all of our wedding footage on the computer and then edit it into one short and meaningful little video I gave up. There is a reason Toby handles all of the technical devices in our house. So, I confessed I had no anniversary gift for him because I was more technologically impaired than I first thought and voila -he made a video. Just like that. In ONE day (two hours to be exact). Thank you, sweetie, for stepping up where I fall short. You do it every day in so many ways. Happy anniversary. I love you.


Aunt Mollie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! You two are such a great husband and wife and have shown great love for one another day in and day out! Thank you for showing others how to love! Enjoy your special day! Love you both very much!

KBBean said...

What a blessed and joyful day, which started such an amazing journey we all get to share in! Thank you for being such amazing role models of marriage and parenting. Love you both!