Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zoo Trip, Apple Picking and Camp-In

The cooler fall weather has been so refreshing! A couple weeks ago we made a family trip to the zoo. The kids had a blast and enjoyed the animals and train ride. It was great spending  time as a family making memories.

I caught this moment a millisecond too late. They were holding hands so sweetly!

Most of the extended family spent last weekend at the cabin in Blue Ridge. We did some Apple Picking at Mercier's (like last year), celebrated a few birthdays and had a camp out, or "camp-in", as we ended up sleeping in the camper with Patrick because the temperature was going to dip below freezing that night. It was wonderful having everyone together and watching the cousins play. They enjoyed the makeshift sandbox Papa made,  jumping around in the bounce house, throwing the ball for Bailey and roasting marshmallows on the campfire. We even had some time for a little baseball while the kids took their naps on Saturday afternoon.

Creighton is ready to pick some apples!
Carson taking a bite
Madelyn smiling and talking to her food (not unusual)
Which one should I eat first?

Carson can say so much with just one look ;) I don't blame her;
Madelyn's been known to steal  other people's food!

 Maddy and Daddy 

Brother and Sister

"How do I make her laugh..."

 And, back at the cabin...

I love how you can see the tree we planted for Patrick when he was
 born  in the bottom right of the picture.

A very sleepy Carson snuggling with Uncle Toby

Creighton and Madelyn playing in the "sand bucket"
Uncle Jonathan always makes time for a little one on one with Patch.
 Rumor has it he even demoed a log roll down a grassy hill for P :)
Mandie and Abbie

Thanks to everyone that made it up to the cabin! Here are some more pictures from the couple weekends (full gallery here).


KBBean said...

What a fun weekend it was! Thanks for having us!

Aunt Mollie said...

Looks like this was sooo much fun!! Wish I didn't have to work! Such great pictures of the whole family! Love to all!