Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Car Ride Convo

The following is a conversation the kids and I had last week while we were driving to the park listening to Yo-Yo Ma (because I’m just that dorky awesome).

Patrick: “You play cello, Mommy.”

Me: “I do.”

Patrick: “Why is it just piano and cello now?”

Me: “That’s just what the musicians are playing right now. More instruments will join in soon.”

Patrick: “Maybe drums. BOOM BAP!"

Madelyn: shouts “Boom Bap!” then giggles at her brother.

Patrick: “Daddy plays drums!” he exclaims proudly.

Me “Yes, he does.”

Madelyn: about jumps out of her seat, “My Daddy!” and looks excitedly out the window, expecting to see him. Such a Daddy’s girl, that one :)

Patrick: “Why does Daddy play drums?”

Me “That’s the instrument he likes. If you could choose any instrument what would you play?”

Patrick: without hesitation, “Drums! Or bass GUITAR!” plays air guitar then throws his fist in the air, “ROCK!”

Madelyn: “ROCK!”

Patrick: “Can you say bass guitar, Mad? Say Bbbbbassss. Geee Tar.”

Madelyn: “basssguitara… ROCK!”

Giggles from the back seat.

Patrick: looking a little disappointed, “But, why you play the cello, mommy?”

Me: “I like the mellow sound it makes.”

Patrick: “Mellow and cello rhyme!”

Me: “They do!”

Madelyn: looks at Patrick, “Me maw!” wanting him to echo her. He remains silent, thinking. She tries again, “Me MAW!”

Patrick: gives a halfhearted, “Me maw,” furrows his brow while shaking his head in disbelief then mutters, “but why you play the cello?”

Me: “I just do, sweetie.”

Minutes go by and they are silent, dancing in their seats to the music, enjoying the breeze through the open car windows.

Patrick: suddenly sits up and exclaims loudly, “Daddy plays DRUMS!!!” like he's announcing the winner of a championship fight. “Boom Bap! Boom Bap!”

Madelyn: “My Daddy!!!”

Will I ever be as cool as their drum playing, piggy back giving, all knowing, dinosaur expert dad? Probably not and I’m OK with that :)

And, for a little after dinner entertainment...


Meme said...

Oh so cute!!!!

Aunt Mollie said...

YOur kids will never leave you a day without a smile or laughs. You both are truly blessed! Love them and love you guys too! Great capture of the best moments growing up!

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