Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mollie's Engaged!

Drew proposed on July 28th, making Mollie's birthday extra special

By the time my youngest sister, Mollie, came into my life I had learned something important about babies from Abbie: they grow up way too quickly. So, I used to sneak into her room at night and rock her for awhile, sleeping cherub that she was, soak up the feeling of her weight in my arms, inhale the scent of Johnson and Johnson shampoo on her freshly washed black hair and kiss her face again and again, knowing that moments like these were fleeting. I wanted to eat her perfectly round cheeks (in the nicest way possible, of course). I was ten years-old and absolutely smitten with my baby sister.

I still am. And now she’s engaged. And driving across the country to Colorado. And eventually moving there to start a new life without me (selfish, I know). Did I mention that my baby sister is engaged?!

My little sisters way back when. My heart swells with love for them both.
Patch and Maddy burying Drew in the sand
All kidding aside, I am so happy for Mollie and Drew’s happiness. We were fortunate enough to spend the week at Ocean Isle with them before Drew had to report to Fort Carson.

It was wonderful to see Mols and Drew so excited; planning for the future and all that it holds for them. Drew was fantastic with the kids and dominated at Mexican Train Dominos so he’s a keeper in my book.

Watching Mollie plot out the rest of her adult life this past week I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for my little Mouse and those precious moments in the nursery when I felt I could never let her go. The girl who would dance and sing with me and the sisters, dress up the dog and make silly home videos. Oh wait, we still do that. Never mind. Carry on.  
This next year will be a fun and exciting one! Congratulations Mollie and Drew. We love you!


Aunt Mollie said...

Angie, I can not thank you enough for everything you have done for me growing up! You had made my life so special and amazing! Thank you so much for making this post so special! Drew and I appriciate this very much!

Anna said...

That's so wonderful! Congratulations Mollie and Drew!!

Meme said...

I should know by now to always have a tissue on hand when I open this blog....Angie everything is so well written with bountiful love. We are so blessed to have you love us so.
My love and congrats to Molz and Drew-we are all so happy for them---Love Meme