Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Walking Stick Pig

Madelyn took her first steps around 10 months-old but it’s only been in the last week or so that she started to prefer walking over crawling as her mode of transportation. She does the typical wide-stance penguin waddle; starting off slowly then getting faster and faster as she gains confidence. When she sees Patrick running toward her in excitement she drops quickly to the ground in fear for her safety. He rarely knocks her down intentionally; he is just soooo excited she can walk. “Chase me Maddy-O'Cakes-E-O,” he’ll call out as he runs away, looking over his shoulder to make sure she is following him. If Patrick is sitting on the floor, reading a book or playing quietly, Madelyn will toddle over and tackle him to the ground, squealing and giggling all the while. I must say she is quite scrappy for her size! Then they roll around on the floor laughing and cuddling.

Here is a video of our little Birdie walking over the last week:

Madelyn has a few nick names: Maddy O'Cakes, Birdie and now, Stick Pig. Lately Patrick has been very interested in the story of the Three Little Pigs. He got this book for Christmas from Meme and Papa and has loved reading it and, more recently, acting it out. The first time he wanted to play-act he assigned us parts, “I’m da brick pig! Mommy you be da straw one. Mad is Stick Pig and Daddy is da BBBBIIIIGGG BAAAADDD Wolf!” (Roxy is Toby’s understudy when he’s at work. She takes her job very seriously.). “C’mon Stick Pig! Let’s go build our house!"

Here's a video of the kids playing Three Little Pigs with Toby. Evidence that little ones don’t require anything more than a cardboard box and an imagination to make them ridiculously happy:

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Amanda said...

Great job Maddy, looking good walking! Love the video of them playing three little pigs, thanks for the post, so nice to be able to see them when I am so far away. Love you all.