Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow Day!

I know, I know...every schmo with a web address, Space Book or My Face account is posting pictures of the recent snow day we had. Well, I'm nothing if not a schmo with a web address. So get ready for some snow pictures!

Along with the rest of the country, Georgia received some snow last week. It came in Friday afternoon and didn't melt till Sunday so we got a good couple days to enjoy it. Patrick was no exception and as soon as I picked him up from school on Friday, he and I suited up and headed out to see just how much cold we could endure in the name of fun and frivolity.

We started by trying to build a snowman but it was clear there wasn't quite enough "good" snow yet to manage a full three-part* snow buddy. So I crafted Patrick a snow chair fit for a king. A very small and not-afraid-of-a-cold-ass king. Luckily Patrick meets that criteria and loved the cold seat. As soon as he sat down he started asking for books to read.

The second day involved "sledding." I put it in quotes because a) we don't have a sled and b) the only hill in our front yard where the snow would be good enough to go down was on our driveway. My Macgyver instincts kicked in though and I grabbed a lid to the top of one of our big plastic tubs (sorry "ANGIE'S WINTER CLOTHES/CHRISTMAS '07" tub!) and we had ourselves a sled. After about two times of going down on my lap, Patrick wanted to go by himself. Since it seemed pretty safe and Angie was inside making lunch and unable to tell me what a bad idea it probably was, I said "sure - let's do it." Luckily, all went well and Patrick absolutely loved riding down by himself. I actually stayed in front of him the whole way down to make sure nothing went awry but surprisingly, didn't have to do much to keep him from crashing at the bottom where the snow ran out.

And oh yea, we DID end up making a snowman. The most hideous troll of a snowman you've ever seen, in fact. Along with a sled, snow shovel and other basic cold weather supplies, we lack snowman-making materials at our house. But that didn't stop us, we just made a small snowman to be about Patrick's height. Then we added a baby-carrot for a nose, radishes for eyes and Patrick wanted him to have antlers. Once Patrick stopped trying to eat the nose and eyes, here's what our snow troll looked like:

That smirk makes you look cocky, Snow Troll

Here's a slideshow of a few more pictures from our day in the snow

*head, thorax and abdomen, if my elementary school bug class knowledge still serves me. And if snowmen and bugs share similar anatomy.


Pam said...

Oh what fun! Loved the pictures!

KBBean said...

Looks like fun! Next snow day, Brandon, Carson & I are coming to your house!

KBBean said...
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TERA said...

Toby you are hilarious! Loved the pics!