Sunday, January 31, 2010

Madelyn in 4d

All those in favor of Angie posting more often raise your hand...yep, that's what I thought. All hands are up. I've got both of mine up (typing right now is VERY difficult).

Anyway, I promised a few weeks ago that I would post some video of Madelyn's 4d ultrasound and here I am to fulfill that promise. I've trimmed the video down from its original 30+ minutes to just some of the cooler parts. At least, they're cool to us.

I know there are all kinds of thoughts on whether or not to find out the gender of your baby beforehand, whether to give him/her a name or share the name with friends/family and whether or not to do things like get a 4d ultrasound. And I know for millions of years people gave birth to babies without knowing a thing about them till the day they popped their tiny little heads into the world, and everything was just fine. But for me, this is a cool thing to be able to do. Typically, Angie would have two ultrasounds during the course of her pregnancy: one around 10 weeks to verify she's really pregnant and one around 20 weeks to check in again and find out the baby's gender if we'd like. Then...that's it. Radio silence for the next 20 weeks. And during that 20 weeks we both sit and think "I wonder what she's doing right now" (yes, I know she has limited options for recreational activity). So, it's nice to be able to "check in" on our little girl and see that she's turning out to be healthy and beautiful and loves sticking her tongue out, opening her eyes and trying to find her hands.

I've put a few captions along the way to point some things out. Also, if the video seems to freeze for a few seconds, that's because the ultrasound tech was taking still pictures during those times.


TERA said...

Absolutely amazing!

KBBean said...

She is so pretty! I can't wait to meet her--hurry up Madelyn!