Monday, March 9, 2009

8 Months Old!

Patrick turned 8 months old on Sunday! He celebrated by taking the last few weeks to learn all kinds of new skills. He started his "combat crawl" about 3 weeks ago but later in the week went straight to full-on crawling! Here's a short video of him making his way across the family room. We have to bait him with things that aren't toys to get him to go across a whole room. This time it was a glass of water.

Patrick's also started trying to walk from one piece of furniture to the next, or from Angie's leg to a chair, or from Roxy to the Wii - anything really. He's all over the place. We're still baby-proofing the cabinets but we've got the fireplace and all the other sharp corners covered. Foam padding really has a way of making a room look classy sophisticated safe.

Once Patrick started crawling, he was obsessed with it. It's all he's wanted to do. He loves it so much that he even started practicing crawling and standing up during the night. We'll hear him crying at 2 AM (and 3 AM...and 4 AM...) and walk in his room to find him standing up in his crib, too tired and disoriented to lay himself back down. It's a lot of fun (no it isn't). Luckily, that's only been happening about a week now and last night was a great night with no waking up. Hopefully it means he's "over the hump" and can go back to just dreaming about standing and not actually doing it.

The other big news is that Patrick cut his first tooth today. We've seen the little "buds" for a bit now but Angie discovered this morning while feeding him that one of his teeth has broken through the gum. I'm sure that's exactly how Angie wanted to find that out.

Here are a few more pictures of him in a great dino outfit he got from Alex and Jenn. We had nice enough weather this weekend for shorts so we took him to Uncle Jonathan's birthday party in this. He looks so grown up!


TERA said...

YAY Patrick! You are on a roll!

Unknown said...

yeah!-- so big already- I love the pics and video-- its nice to keep tabs on you all- even if I am far away-
Cousin Rhiannon

KBBean said...

It would be really great if you could get him to slow this whole process down. I mean, I'm proud of him & all--but he looks WAY too much like a little boy these days & not enough like a baby :)

Amanda said...

Way to go P-trick!!! You look great. Love you guys.

Kristie said...

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