Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Baby

Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We have some pictures to post but for now just wanted to put up a video we took on my phone today.

I had to exchange some things at the store and it wasn't worth taking Patrick and all his gear in to do it so he and mommy stayed in the car. When I got back Ang had moved to the back of the car to play and he was a VERY happy baby. I was able to grab a quick video of him giggling away on my cell phone (hence the terrible quality).


joflow said...

Don't lie to us and say that you actually meant to take that video...I bet you actually meant to take a picture and your stupid phone took the video instead because your smartphone is more like a STUPIDphone, amirite?

Toby said...

Just because YOU and a certain other contributor to this site (coughANGIEcough) can't figure out how to work a simple camera phone doesn't make my phone stupid.

Also - I'm telling Mom you called my phone stupid. You're gonna be in such big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Baby laughter is the best! I was giggling right along with him =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!