Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

We kicked off our Christmas season with the celebration of St. Nick's Day on December 6th. It's a (German) tradition in my family to set out the children's shoes or hang one of their socks (real ones, not the Christmas stocking kind) from the mantle. Overnight St. Nicholas fills the socks or shoes with small treats for the kids. Patrick received a few teethers and a Santa nightlight that bubbles along with a small stuffed penguin. It was pretty cute to see Patrick's tiny little shoes in front of the fireplace. I think he enjoyed the tissue paper more than the gifts!

Nora, Patrick's long distance girlfriend (and our Goddaughter), and her Mom, Megan, arrived from Arizona last week. The kids played together most of the day on Sunday and it seemed like they really enjoyed each other. Mark arrives on the 23rd and then our group will be complete. We miss you Mark!

Patrick has started to sit up more on his own for an extended period of time. We think he's trying to impress Nora Jo, as she can already crawl a bit. It's so much fun to watch her be so mobile. She can go from sitting to laying to crawling. We are having a blast with them in town!

Mandie and Tim arrive from Idaho Wednesday evening and Friday we'll leave for the cabin. I can't believe Christmas is almost here!

This Christmas will be a very special Christmas for me
...(get ready to sing on Thursday Sue and Penny!)


Anonymous said...

We always celebrated St. Nick too! Us Germans from Milwaukee =) Patrick is wearing the stripped shirt I got him in these looks SO cute on him. And, Nora is just fantastic.

TERA said...

Love it! Patrick and Nora sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!