Thursday, July 17, 2008

10 Picture Thursday

As I mentioned before, we have A LOT of pictures. I'm pretty sure the first week of Patrick's life has been photo-documented more than any other baby on earth (except for babies that some TV show is literally doing a documentary on...those kids win this contest).

Because of the shear amount of pictures, I was planning on making a big slideshow with all the best ones we or other people have taken over the last week. But, a few people have mentioned to me that they want to be able to save the pictures to their computer so they can email them to other friends/family or use it as their desktop background or Photoshop their face on to Angie's body so they can pretend they're the ones with this wonderful little baby in their arms.

And so, we picked 10 pictures we really like and thought you might too. Clicking on them will show you a (MUCH) larger version that you can do whatever you'd like with. Here they are in no particular order


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love them all!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! Patrick is so lovable!! I can't wait to give him kisses!!!


KBBean said...

those are great! But will you ALSO (in ALL your free time)make a slideshow? I miss him already!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures.Patrick looks so adorable. anna