Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random, Random and More Random

Found these little nuggets when I was cleaning out the videos/pictures on my phone. Some of them are only a few seconds long but they still made me smile...

Madelyn executing some killer dance moves while Patrick introduces me to his assistant.

Tossing water balloons at the beach house. (It's really too bad Patrick never gets excited about anything. Especially bird nests).

Zumba with Aunt Mollie at the beach house.

Mo trying to herd Toby, Carson and Madelyn as they sing Ring Around The Rosie.

Carson, Patch, and Madelyn dancing in church at St. Ann's Life Teen 20th reunion.

And finally, a little Call Me Maybe to end this random post. We were at a surprise party and everyone else was inside the clubhouse waiting on the birthday boy to arrive so the kids got the dance floor to themselves for awhile.

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