Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

I mean, come on. Is that not the cutest fireman you've ever seen? I've seen a lot of firemen*, but I am completely powerless against this little guy.

Like I said in the last post, we scrapped the lion costume we had bought Patrick a couple months ago because he refused to wear it for any length of time. I completely understand why. It's pretty big and heavy and hot. Luckily, firemen don't carry anything big or heavy and they never have to get hot. Side note: kids are not logical.

We had a lot of fun on Halloween. As everyone here knows, it rained almost the entire day so it made for a very soggy trick-or-treat outing. While it was still raining pretty hard and we thought we might not be able to make it to any other houses, we figured we'd practice trick-or-treating at our own house. I took Patrick outside and Ang stayed inside with the candy. Then we told him to go "knock knock knock" on the door and when it opened say "Trick or treat!" and then he'd get a piece of candy. Patrick latched onto the word "piece" for some reason and just kept calling the candy "piece." So he'd go to the door, knock on it (while yelling "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK") and then when Angie opened the door he'd just yell "PIECE!", and go straight for the candy. Once the rain calmed down we took him to a few other houses and had to explain at each one why he was screaming "piece" at them.

More than the candy, he seemed to like all the pumpkins and ghosts and lights. And as you can see in the picture above, he made friends with a few scarecrows at a neighbor's house. I think he likes them because they're all the same height as him.

Here's a slideshow of the night. And like I said before, the full album of pictures can be found here.

*Angie keeps calendars of them all over our house. Something about "honoring our heroes." It's weird though, she only honors the firemen that don't wear shirts.


Angie said...

Wendy and John~ Thanks for the dalmatian trick or treat bag for Patrick! It went perfectly with his costume!

TERA said...

I always love Toby's post.

Anonymous said...

What a treasure

Katie said...

Okay's time for an update :) You're not busy, are you?