Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back From the Beach

We had an amazing time at the beach this last week. Patrick loved every second of it and we loved every second of watching him enjoy it. We have a ton of pictures we're still parsing through that we'll post when we're done but for now here are two of our favorites:

In other big news, Angie starts her new job tomorrow! She'll be working in cancer research but at a different hospital now. She's excited to get started and only fearing the commute. She'll be doing two days a week in the new position which also means that Patrick will start his first day of "school" tomorrow. We visited his classroom with him before we went on vacation and he loved it. It's all new toys and things to climb on; how could he not? Seeing him run around the room and play and giggle while we talked to the day care's director successfully allayed some of our worries. He'll be going both Monday and Tuesday so we'll be sure to take some first-day-of-school pictures and update with how it went.

Thanks again to the Suskays for a wonderful week at the beach. We really appreciate the effort it takes to coordinate a trip like that and especially all the attention and care given to Patrick.

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TERA said...

The pics are too cute! Congrats on the new job too ~A.