Friday, June 19, 2009

A Whole Lotta Learnin' Goin' On

As I mentioned in the last post, Patrick learned to walk pretty well this week. Sunday he went to sleep able to take a few steps at a time to get from a table to a chair. Monday he woke up and decided he could walk half way across the room. It's Friday now and he's able to walk from one room to another while holding things and stopping to pick things up along the way. It's amazing how quickly kids learn things!

We also got a set of alphabet magnets for the refrigerator - mostly so Patrick would stop pulling off all of the real magnets and pictures. He loves pulling the letters off and sticking them back on. The other day when we were playing with them I thought that maybe I should start telling him what they are now and what sounds they make to see if he starts recognizing them. Sure enough, he does. His favorite letter to say the sound for is "H" because it sounds like laughing - and he fake laughs every time he says it.

Here's a video of him walking from earlier in the week. I think it's his first time wearing shorts with a draw string so it looks like he's leading himself around on a leash. The second part of the video is us going over a few letters from the refrigerator (in between him being distracted by the gate I finally put up yesterday).


Anonymous said...

FAST learner! So Toby, what sound does X make?
-Aunt Katie

Toby said...

The sound X makes sounds kind of like hitting. It's hard to type it on the computer. I'll show you next time we see you though :)

TERA said...

Patrick you are definitely going to be the smartest kid in the classroom! Way to go parents.

Kim said...

I want him in my class!