Friday, June 27, 2008

A Tour of the Nursery

A lot of people have been asking me what the nursery looks like now that it's pretty much done. I'm horrible at describing things like that and my response is usually something along the lines of either, "It has dinosaurs" if I think the person who's asking doesn't really care or, if they seem genuinely interested they get a slightly longer but still mostly useless response like, "It has dinosaurs. And there's a crib and a glider and it has a wall that's painted three different colors in stripes or bars or something, but not like a bar graph and not stripes like a candy has dinosaurs..."

So, rather than try to describe it I figured I'd just take a video of it and post it here for everyone to see. It's about 40 seconds long and doesn't have any sound so it's safe for work. I was going to narrate it but it seems pretty self-explanatory and it saves you (and more importantly, me) the torture of having to hear my voice.

Without further ado, here's Patrick's nursery, the cleanest it will probably ever be...

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Anonymous said...

I think Jake had that same exact set up when he was! Looks great! Great work guys! Hope yall are doing well and keep me posted on the arrival I will dop what I am doing and drive up to the hospital. Look forward to seeing yall soon. -Big Mike Jones

p.s. --> I get to do the first portrait!